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From the tiniest speck of sand to the formation of galaxies, the universe is what it is because of the tendency of stuff to stick together. Cohesion makes a lumpy universe. It makes solids, liquids and gases. Without cohesion the entire universe would be a bland, uniform soup consisting only of energy, with absolutely nothing of interest in it.

Cohesion stimulates the formation of communities and promotes their growth, evolution and transformation. Cohesion facilitates the formation of groups, of which the individual members having like interests or ambitions can come together to address their issues and take action to promote change. Think religious sects, political factions, and terrorist organizations.

Social cohesion is ubiquitous! Think of ant and termite colonies, flock of geese, school of fish, herd of cattle, pride of lions, bevy of beauties. Our language is spiced with the curious nomenclature of cohesion.

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