16" x 21.75"

It seems that curiosity is a mammalian trait, especially in the young. You'll never see a lizard intently inspecting some new item in its landscape and then wholeheartedly exploring that thing, as you would see a kitten or puppy in action. Curiosity fuels a whole range of behaviours—ever lifted the lids off pots in a kitchen store just to see if they looked empty inside? Ever sneaked a peek over at your neighbour's house with your birding binoculars? Ever taken apart a mechanism, and then been unable to put it back together?

Harmless, yes, of no consequence! But some people have an overwhelming urge to ask 'Why?', and 'How?', and then throw themselves into a lifetime of seeking the answers. We got smelted metal this way, and penicillin, and McIntosh apples, and acrylic paint, and nuclear energy, and, well, you get the picture!

In "Curiosity" there is a curiosity. If you are curious perhaps you may find it, particularly if languages are your forte, or if you happen to be a naval communications technician, or a ham radio operator.

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