24.5" x 19.25"

Our universe abounds with the fallout from creation - star systems, elements, life. But on our planet at least, extinction rather than continuation is more the mode. The list of life forms that have been and gone from this Earth is long, and is littered with bizarre creatures the like of which we would barely credit, were it not for the chance preservation of a few fossilised bones and the occasional evidence of existence, such as footprints in some ancient mudflat now turned to stone.

There is finality in extinction that casts a pall over the optimism of creation. There is only irrevocable, irreversible, irreplacable loss. How often has this lonely planet stood on the very brink of annihilation? Whether by climate change, continental drift, or catastrophic cosmological events, how easy it seems that life can be eradicated, and all the wonder and beauty of creation only a fleeting, transient post-script to the progression of time.

And what about us, then? Is our fate already written, or shall we escape the fate of so many other species. Will we find a way?

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