Strange Seas of Thought
Exhibit at Ottawa International Airport
10 June - 11 September 2015

This solo exhibit was inspired by a work of William Wordsworth. In his epic poem “Prelude”, he set down these words referring to Sir Isaac Newton’s questing mind:  “Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone.”

It seemed the perfect reference to the strange and wonderful landscape of the mind that is the playground for the artist. And the oblique reference to travel, either alone or in companionship suits the venue for this exhibit perfectly, as well.

The International Airport Authority Ottawa has generously provided a space for emerging artists to display their work. The gallery is located in the secure part of the airport across from Gates 13 and 14 and so can be seen by departing travellers before they board their flights as well as those arriving after landing in Ottawa.

If you are travelling through the Ottawa airport this summer I hope you will have an opportunity to stop and view my artwork. If you do, I hope it will brighten your day and raise your curiosity about the strange seas of the mind.

Pictures of the exhibit set up can be seen here.


Frederic Remington Art Museum's 2015 Members’ Juried Art Exhibit

One of my paintings, ‘Dilemma’ was selected for inclusion in the Frederic Remington Art Museum's 2015 Members’ Juried Art Exhibit, at the Museum in Ogdensburg, New York.

The show runs 23 May – 27 September 2015. Visitors online and at the museum can vote for their favourite art work. The People’s Choice Prize will be awarded on September 29, 2015. You can vote at



Watercolour at Ottawa Orchid Society Show

The Ottawa Orchid Society annually sponsors a fabulous show of exotic live orchids.  2015 was the 34th Annual Show and Sale, held on 18 and 19 April.  

Part of this event features the Show Art Gallery.  One of my watercolours, entitled ‘Cypripedium reginae: Showy Lady’s Slipper, Orchid Purdon Fen’ was on show for the weekend, along with over 150 other entries. 

The Lady’s Slipper is a wild orchid native to North America and is quite rare because it requires very particular habitat to survive and reproduce.  We are fortunate that the Purdon Fen is within an easy drive from Ottawa.


Co-operative Group Project
Greek Infusion 1 and 2 Completed

During the “Paint with the Artist” sessions in association with the “Rough Terrain” solo show in Dauphin, Manitoba (September – October 2013) I initiated a group cooperative project involving several artists in the collective creation of abstract art.

The unnamed diptych begun at that time was completed by members of the Dauphin Art Group in February 2015. Particularly noteworthy were the efforts of Jan Jenkins, artist extraordinaire, who undertook to infuse the original two paintings with symbols and colour reflecting a Greek theme. Renamed Greek Infusion 1 and 2, these two finished and framed pieces were contributed to the Watson Art Centre’s fund-raising community event, “A Big Fat Greek Affair”.

I acquired the two paintings as I felt the completed works demonstrated the success of my influence in involving the contributors and releasing their creativity. These paintings demonstrate the great power of art to express ideas and to create beauty out of nothing but a few dabs of paint and a brush or two.

Reports on earlier awards, exhibitions and solo shows can be found on the earlier shows page.

Photographs, including those of my artwork, were taken by my husband, Glenn MacDonell.

As always, if you have any questions or comments on my work please let me know at Front House Gallery email or through the contact page.